20 Habits for Executive Leaders

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"I absolutely love the way this book is organized. I like that each chapter is a quick read and easy to go back to review. Since habits stick better if you don't try to do ALL THE THINGS at once, it is super practical and easy to choose a couple, work on those, then go back and find a few more, repeat." -Katie"This will become a ready reference kept above my desk in easy reach. The format of the book is perfect for this." -Dave"The idea development is excellent, the habits build upon one another, and each habit is motivated by a personal vignette, which helps me personalize it. I also like that each chapter has a 'ready. set. go.' section with practical advice to take action." - Doug"I love that you’re up front and explicit that habits are not just about adding, but are also about subtracting. So many books I see on habit formation focus on the new habits without talking about the reality that our time is finite and with new habits we have to decide to let go of some old ones." -Lisa


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